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IIM web developpement oracle 380x222 - Oracle Code Explore 2019 : IIM students discover the last web development tools

Oracle Code Explore 2019 : IIM students discover the last web development tools

Oracle France, an American software company, threw a meet-up day in Paris for both students and pros in the web development field. Conferences, networking and new tech presentations were to be expected. Fifth-year students majoring in Web Development were invited to the Oracle Code Explore. They were joined by students…

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Harry Potter Valkyria

Valkyria IIM Project, The Norse Gods Version Of Harry Potter’s Four Houses System

Harry Potter. Forget about Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff, Digital School IIM’s students are developing their own house system to sort their classmate into five families inspired by the Norse gods. Valkyria’s purpose is to strengthen the link between students of all majors and promos. About 40 IIM students from…

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how to go viral with an app  380x222 - How To Successfully Launch An App ?

How To Successfully Launch An App ?

Since the first App Store back in 2008, more than 1 million apps have been launched. The most difficult task today is not to create an app, but to make it successful! Here are some tips for all the tech-savvy entrepreneurs who wish to shine in the app market. As…

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french tech ces 380x222 - 10 remarkable innovations from CES 2019

10 remarkable innovations from CES 2019

Ten young digital professionals from IIM Digital School went to Las Vegas’ CES 2019, the world’s biggest gathering place for high technology. The opportunity for them to discover future innovations and to meet the most influential companies and startups in the world. Maëlys Beulque, the IIM teacher who led this…

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The most in demand jobs in digital

The Most-in-Demand Web and Digital Jobs

When it comes to web, developers still take first place on the most sought-after jobs’ podium. However, the digital sector keeps growing and so will the recruitments of new web and digital experts. Whether in IT and technology, creativity or digital marketing, the demand on specific positions is increasing. Here…

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