3D animation

Produce some amazing images

Companies in the 3D computer graphics sector are producing increasingly astonishing images in business sectors that are constantly expanding thanks to numerous technical innovations.

The 3D animation sector includes animated or special effects feature films, commercials, animated series, video games, amusement parks and virtual or augmented reality projects.

The profiles sought in 3D animation must have a broad vision of productions and projects and must be able to work in an international environment.


  • Bachelor in 3D animation
  • Mastère in 3D Design and Animation
  • Mastère in in 3D Production Management


Marc Bellan
Head of 3D animation department

Informations mises à jour le 04 Mar 2020

Infographiste et lead artist 3D / Réalisateur 3D / Directeur artistique 3D / Rigger 3D / Character Artist / Généraliste 3D / Compositing Artist

Chargé de production / Directeur de production / Technical director / Chef de projet

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