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30 associations étudiantes pour animer la vie du campus

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Which makes the strength of the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci compared to another campus, it is the spirit of graduating class and the unity of the place. Elected each year by students, the student office is shared with schools of the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci (EMLV, ESILV, IIM). Integration, holidays, parties, students of the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci know also how to rest and create strong bond into graduating classes. Its aim is to animate the student life, to organise regularly some events: parties, travels, shows, sports animation… The student office is the core of the student life which enables to create cohesion between all students.


leocampus logo ada aider donner agir 300x300 - Student associations

ADA (Aider, Donner, Agir – Help, Give, and Act) is a charitable organisation in the Parisian region. The association also enables students of the Pôle to throw themselves into the humanitarian Raid 4L Trophy which is today the 1st European student event.

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De Vinci Conférence

leocampus logo devinci conference 300x300 - Student associations

The Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci has its own student forum. De Vinci Conférence is destinated to promote conferences and debates, to develop the critical mind of students through the dialogue with leading figure in politics and company.

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Devinci Junior

devinci junior 300x151 - Student associations

The “Junior Business” association is the only one in the business district of La Défense. Since 2004, we have offered students an interesting collaboration in the fulfilment of your projects and service and consultancy provisions.

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Vinci Eco’Drive

logo vinci eco drive 300x175 - Student associations

The aim of this student association is to participate in the SHELL ECO MARATHON, a motor race of atypical vehicles that sees 200 motor groups from Europe and Africa which gather every year at Rotterdam, that is to say more than 3000 students.

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logo leovoile - Student associations

The LéoVoile association of the Pôle Universitaire de Vinci has been created in 2001. We are currently the most important association and we defend the Pôle colours on the seas and those of our partners every year.

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leorugby 144x300 - Student associations

LéoRugby is the Rugby association of the Pôle Universitaire de Vinci. Our association gathers all fans of this sport and all those who want to support somehow teams 1 and 2 during the year.

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logo interpole new - Student associations

Our association produces an information magazine intended for students of schools EMLV – IIM – ESILV. In connection with the student office, we produce reports, polls and surveys.

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leocampus logo i spirit la corpo 300x300 - Student associations

The association I-Spirit enables Erasmus and other students to integrate by answering their administrative and personal questions, and by guiding them throughout their stay.

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logo leocook - Student associations

We are an association that wants to share its pleasure of good cuisine and the discovery of new dishes. We offer students to discover world food and oenology by organising culinary events throughout the year.

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leovolley 300x212 - Student associations

As every new sporting association, Léovolley is intended to passionate people and/or players of this sport. Your chance? Get the privilege to be present at his creation by being the first member who wants to make it grow!

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Slide Session

logo slidesession - Student associations

Slide Session is the board sports association of the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci in la Défense! It organises mainly the Pôle’s ski trip each year, but also parties (student office/skating ring), some Raclettes, some Wakeboard days, etc.

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logo leogreenj - Student associations

The aim of our association is to promote sustainable development to the Pôle thanks to projects and events throughout the year. We set up collection systems: used batteries, can tabs in aluminium, plastic bottle caps …

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Comedia Da Vinci

comedia da vinci 300x300 - Student associations

Comedia da Vinci is a comedy association which proposes theater classes (with a performance at the end of the year) and some filmings (written sketchs and filmed by members themselves).

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LKW – Léo King’s Walker

lkw 2014 300x164 - Student associations

The LKW association is a dance association of the Pôle. It offers classes of body language and all dance varieties: break, pop, lock, krumping, dancehall, dumbolo, salsa, rock as well as choreographed styles.

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Musique Mix

leocampus logo musique mix 300x166 - Student associations

Musique Mix is an association which gathers musicians of the Pôle, beginners or intermediates, students or the staff of the Pôle. The aim is to provide, for small price, a music studio well equipped in the premises of the Pôle.

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leocampus logo poletech - Student associations

The PôleTech association is a multimedia association (photography, video/audio-visual) of the Pôle. The association films most of sporting events and handles the media coverage of associative activities. PôleTech immortalise everything thanks to its website…

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logo amma - Student associations

The Association Mixed Martial Arts “AMMA” is aimed at developping the martial arts into the Pôle. AMMA defends the “martial spirit” and gives a foretaste to beginners by enabling them to share the team spirit of this huge family.

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logo eagles - Student associations

The EAGLES, an US football team of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci. Our aim is to make discover the US football to students who are interested to integrate our university team and to participate to the French championship.

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logo e karting 2014 - Student associations

E-karting is the motor sport association of the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci. Our aim is to make discover the motor sports to students in order that they enjoy at best sensations of motor sports.

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leocampus logo leo aventure 300x168 - Student associations

LéoAventure association is formed of motivated and ambitious students to organise you throughout the year some events such as paintballing, bungee jumping, laser quest, skydiving, and the Edhec student sailing race…

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leocampus logo leo basket 295x300 - Student associations

LéoBasket is an association addressed to gather students passionate about Basketball. The aim of our association is to federate students around this sport through matches between us, trainings, and basketball parties or by encouraging the teams of the Pôle in competition.

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logo leohandball - Student associations

Newly created in 2012, this student and sporting association of PULV gathers handball players and fans of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci. Contact, speed, jump and shoot … handball for everyone!

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leocampus logo leo jump 300x208 - Student associations

We gather student horse-riders and fans of horse riding in order to create events to make discover our passion, at beginner and competition level.

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logo leofoot - Student associations

LéoFoot association organises football tournaments in the field and on console for students of the Pôle. We have also a partnership with association defending also the homeless people and cancer patients.

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LeoPompom 2014 300x245 - Student associations

The LéoPomPom is an association of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci which gathers about 15 members. The main aim is to support and motivate sports teams at the Pôle such as rugby, football, basketball etc.

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