Degrees accredited by the State

Degrees delivered by IIM are registered at the National Repertory of Professional Certification (RNCP).

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Professional certification

Created by the French law of social modernisation (January 17, 2002), the National Committee for Professional Certification, consisted of 43 members (ministerial representatives, social partners, consular chambers representatives, regional representatives, and qualified people) has several missions:

  • Identify the offer of professional certifications (National Repertory of Professional Certification)
  • Ensure the adaptation of diplomas and degrees to the professional environment
  • Venture some recommendations for the attention of institutions which deliver professional certifications or certificates of qualification
  • Notify some potential similarities between certifications
  • Create a new classification of certification levels

“Multimedia project manager” :

Degree French level 2 (European level 6) registered at the National Committee for Professional Certification by the decree of October 3, 2007 published at the “Journal Officiel” on October 13, 2007.

Certification renewed for 5 years by the decree of “Journal Officiel” of January 22, 2013 published on March 5, 2013.

Endowed with a global view, he is situated between the creation and technique, the marketing and management.

Often compared to a conductor, he does not necessary play every instrument to perfection but knows the sheet music of everyone. Under his direction, each instrumentalist finds his place. Hardened to the management of a team, to production constraints, he masters multimedia technologies. Drawing on his hybrid, technical and creative experience, he leads graphic designers, computer graphics designers, technicians and engineers, production managers.

Digital communication manager” :

Degree French level 1 (European level 7) registered at the National Committee for Professional Certification since September 7, 2011 (decree of August 31, 2011)

Certification renewed for 5 years by the decree of “Journal Officiel” of November 19, 2014 published on November 29, 2014

The digital communication manager practices a manager’s profession in the company. The relational dimension of his profession is important, at once in the connections he builds and maintains with his clients and different directions in the company, but also in the management of teams that he assigns to operational management of projects.

The digital communication manager combines a strategic dimension in carrying out his duties, also regarding consultancy with companies. At the same time he masters the process engineering of digital communication and some operational dimension of media that he will use. He must understand the company policy in order to translate the strategic communications plan which considers some features of digital communication.

Animation producer” :

Degree French level 1 (European level) registered at the National Committee for Professional Certification since January 19, 2012 (decree of January 11, 2012)

The animation producer practices his profession into two big types of structures: production studios or edition of video games: specialised studios in the realisation and/ or the production of animated fictions in 2D or in 3D and special effects on real pictures.

The animation producer is at the initiative of the product creation, or he replies to an order made for him. On the first analysis phase, and according to the importance of the project, the animation producer can gather a team in order to work on the concept which will be in the heart of the product (animated film or video game).

He draws up, with technical experts, a presentation of the idea or overall the project that he will submit to the studio direction for validation or to the client if it is about getting a contract. During the production stage, the animation producer manages the whole project, supervises different stages, and approves productions as their realisation comes along. He is the guarantor of their technical and graphic quality, and the respect of deadlines and budget.

The three degrees of IIM registered at the National Repertory of Professional Certification are also available by the V.A.E, Validation of knowledge Acquired through Experience.

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