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Since 1995, IIM has trained digital communication professionals in 5 years.

iim - Who we are

Since 1995 the IIM has trained enthusiasts in internet and multimedia professions

While some web digital schools are flourishing, IIM understood the importance of the digital revolution before everyone. With more than 1000 students, 3 degrees accredited by the State, a network of hundreds of professional lecturers and alumni, IIM is still the first school of this sector which is rapidly changing.

The success of a unique teaching method for a professional sector in full growth.

At the crossroad of a creation school and a management school, since its creation in 1995 by Monika Siejka and Claude Vogel, IIM has been placed on these two lines in order to train some complete multimedia project managers. This innovative project anticipated the digital revolution brought by internet and the mobile industry.

Today IIM trains successfully some managers and multimedia project managers for all sectors of the economics

Founded in 1995 with a class of 30 students, IIM counts now more than 1000 students and a network of more than 850 alumni which make as the first school of Internet and Multimedia.

At the crossroad of a creation and management school, IIM is :

  • 3 certified diplomas: multimedia project manager (French level 2 / European level 6), digital communication manager and animation producer (French level 1 / European level 7)
  • A preparatory year to formalise his/her professional project and acquire basic skills
  • 2 professional degrees: an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree

  • 6 Lines of work: web and e-business, digital communication, visual communication, interaction design, video games, animated film
  • Apprenticeship: in professional postgraduate degree (4th-5th year)
  • A doctoral degree and research: a MBA “Internet & Digital Media” and PhD students
  • More than 700 work placements offers per year submitted to students
  • More than 300 professional lecturers each year

Some key figures

  • 1995: creation of IIM and its research laboratory
  • 2000: 1st graduating class
  • 2007: IIM gets the Multimedia project manager degree
  • 2009: launch of the 1st MBA Video Game Management
  • 2011: IIM gets the Digital communication manager degree
  • 2012: IIM gets the Animation producer degree
  • 2013: Launch of the 5th year “Undertake”; First apprentices graduating class
  • 2014: creation of the line of work Interaction design ; Launch of the common programme ReStart-PostBac@IIM

  • 1000: more than 1000 students in 2015
  • 180: number of projects made in 2014-2015 for the Project Grant, of requests for proposal and business plans
  • 3: 3 degrees accredited by the State (Project manager, Digital communication manager and Animation producer)
  • 60: 60% of training contents renewed each year
  • 300: more than 300 professional lecturers in activity
  • 700: more than 700 offers of work placements per year
  • 850: a network of 850 graduates in all activity sectors
  • 33 000: 33.000 euros/year, average of starting salary
  • 100: 100% of graduates have a work after the certification

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