How To Successfully Launch An App ?

how to go viral with an app  - How To Successfully Launch An App ?

Since the first App Store back in 2008, more than 1 million apps have been launched. The most difficult task today is not to create an app, but to make it successful! Here are some tips for all the tech-savvy entrepreneurs who wish to shine in the app market.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This quote can apply to the making of an app, for the key to be successful in this industry is often to go for the most obvious idea.

Finding the right idea for a successful mobile app

Launching an app is not unlike any other entrepreneurial business. The first thing to wonder is what the world is needing right now: what kind of service is missing from the millions of apps already on the market?

“Back in 2008, I was looking for a way to collect money to organise a student party. That’s when I realised that such a service did not exist yet”, explains Céline Lazorthes, the successful founder of Leetchi and ex Digital School IIM’s student. Leetchi is now implemented in more than 150 countries and available in 4 languages. It even has branches in Spain and Germany.

Collaboration apps are one of the most trendings on the market, along with game apps and apps that are connected to social networks. Creative minds eager to develop their own app should try to find an idea that matches one of those types of services. It is also important to realise a market study to check if the app does answer the consumers’ needs.

Business plan: three ways to make money with an app

leetchi - How To Successfully Launch An App ?

Céline Lazorthes, founder of Leetchi.

If the market study is conclusive, time to step into the actual making of the app. The first thing to define is the main functions: once again, the best is to keep it simple. No more than two uses, otherwise the user might get lost.

The developers then create what they call a mock-up, a story-board drawn on paper or with software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The mock-up is shown to the potential users to see if it’s intuitive enough. At the same time, the developer must define its business plan. It is essential to know how the app will generate incomes to convince the investors since the product does not exist yet.

“I learnt how to make a business plan at IIM”, says Céline Lazorthes. “During my schooling, I did an internship at Eyeka which taught me how to bring a community together. It really did help me with my app.”

There are three ways to earn money with an app:

  • Sell the app, knowing that the app store will get 30% of the app’s incomes.
  • Make a free app and get paid with the transactions that it generates.
  • The Freenium: the app is free but it includes, as options, some pay functions called “in-app purchases”

It is better to choose the latter option if the app is likely to seduce a lot of users. Adds can only bring a little extra money since they are strongly disliked!

Investment and development: the key to being financially prepared

How to launch an app  - How To Successfully Launch An App ?

The success is one inch away!

Apps developers invest an average of 50 000 euros into their project. This amount of money is not that huge to launch a business, but it can be overwhelming for a young entrepreneur, and most of them often ask their relatives for help: that method is called love-money. “My parents were my first and best sponsors”, says Céline Lazorthes.

Taking part in startup meetings and other job fairs is a smart move to meet some potential investors. Public fundings are also to take into account. Céline Lazorthes, as an entrepreneurial student, got a 20.000 euros help from Oséo.

Technological development is one of the biggest sources of spending on apps creators. It represents 25 to 40% of their budget. Each distribution platform has its own operating system that is not compatible with the others, and the creator has adapted the app to each of them. Any person who wishes to launch a successful app should consider learning web and app development in schools such as IIM.

How to go viral with an app?

The promotion of the app might be the most important step. With more than a million aps both in App Store and Google Play, it is fundamental to stand out! Learning the basics of digital marketing is a must because getting help from a professional will add some unwanted fees to the launching. Studying in a digital school like IIM not only allows to learn every aspect of the digital fields, but it also offers a great opportunity to meet influential specialists who can help to promote the app.

Getting noticed by an Influencer is, of course, the best way for an app the get trendy. The Influencer will promote the app to their community who will themselves promote it to their friends etc. Knowing how digital communication works is a huge plus.

With a tiny bit of luck to the mix, the success is guaranteed!

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