Adobe Creative Week: How to Create an Escape Room App in a Week

adobe creative week

In partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud, digital school IIM third year students of all majors teamed up to build prototypes for an escape room app.

From September 24th to September 28th, the teams of ten students joined forces, coached by professionals from the digital world. At the end of the week, a jury voted for the best prototypes.

The Adobe Creative Week in Video

Creating a prototype of an app in under a week

The project’s goal was to reunite all majors to work together on a prototype for an escape room app, using Adobe Creative Cloud software. The week started with a conference and tutorials on Photoshop, XD or Illustrator, to name but a few.

The teams were composed of ten students from all of IIM’s majors : 3D animation, Video GamesWeb Development, Digital & E-business Communication and Creation & Design.

Each member of the team was entrusted with tasks according to their skills: creating the app, creating the website, promoting the app or creating the visuals and the 3D animations.

“It really allowed us to try everything, to have an idea of what others do, and to join our forces to come up with a strong digital project” Diane, third year student in Communication and Design.

The app had to be designed to be accessed from a smartphone or tablet. The students were also asked to create one or several fake websites to help the players find clues to solve the escape room’s riddles.

At the end of the week, the student’s project were submitted to a jury that rewarded the best projects in three categories.

adobe creative week winner team - Adobe Creative Week: How to Create an Escape Room App in a Week

The members of the team who won the Adobe Creative Week prize

Team #24, who made an app based on the Alien movies, won the Best Visual Project, Team #6 won Best Technical Project, and Team #23 (CHRACK) won Best Concept Project. Finally, the jury elected Team #13 (LOCKED) as the big winner of this inter-major week.

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