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The video game sector is a booming field with a growth and a turnover higher than in cinema. With the apparition of new media and platforms (social media, tablets, and smartphones), of new means of broadcasting (PS network, XboxLive, TV interactive, Cloud gaming…) and the development of new economic models (free-to-play, micropayments…), the world of video game constantly evolves.

Main professions practiced

Production Officer, Producer, Production Director, Lead game-designer, Content Manager, Game Director, Lead Animator, Artistic Director, Data Manager, Community Developer, Community Manager, Quality Manager, Studio Creator.

Some professional lecturers in activity

  • Risa Cohen, International Production Consultant worked as Senior Producer at Disney Interactive and Infogrames Entertainment
  • Johan-André Jeanville, Data Analyst & Co-founder at Ludostat
  • Anne-Marie Joassim, Director of Answers Recruitment France (recruitment specialist in sectors of interactive leisure, entertainment and digital)
  • Nicolas Gaume, Chairman of SNJV (Syndicat national du Jeu Vidéo)
  • Guillaume Portier, Associate Producer at Ubisoft


The objective of the training is to offer students a technical, artistic and strategic double skill that they will need tomorrow in business. If it stays a media in its own right, the video game also serves other activity sectors such as the training (serious game) or advertising (advergame). Video game professions have significantly progressed and from now on require a global marketing vision in addition to advanced technical skills (from game-design to computer-generated imagery including production management).

Main contents taught in video games:

  • Game Concept, Game-design & Level-design
  • 3DS Max: 3D Modelling / 3D Animation / Texturing & rendering
  • Photoshop
  • Bases of programming
  • Unity 3D
  • Javascript and Html5
  • Ergonomics
  • Web: html, php, referencing, web-design…
  • Copyrights and contracts
  • Video game financing
  • Management and production costs

  • Context and video game market
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing and e-marketing
  • Communication strategy
  • Business model of video game: monetisation, distribution…
  • Direction / Production management
  • Team management
  • Methodology of creativity
  • Agile Methodology
  • Management of sound, music, localisation, quality insurance

  • In 2nd year of the line (the first year is devoted to the discovery of the IIM’s 6 lines of work), you will broach the bases of video game design: the realisation and the writing of an unique video game concept, the realisation and the writing of a game design, the introduction of level design. You will be raised awareness of the economics design: monetisation during the game design, the workflow of web production, the different aspects of the artistic direction & the web-design, the ergonomics and user experience (UX). A panorama of CMS and frameworks used for video game design will be presented to you and the workflow of the mobile application development, an opening in exponential development in the gaming world. Accessibility is also an important aspect in the video game sector: W3C and optimisation of the referencing as well as community management bases are on the programme, and the discovery of video realisation, how to do 2D graphics with Photoshop. You will learn the base of monetisation and 3D animation thanks to the use of the 3DSMAX software, as well as ergonomics notions and UX, user interface. The 2D video game is not put aside, with web tools such as HTML5 and Javascript, at the origin of the design of most of video games on internet. To finish, you will broach the Agile methodology of project management, the relationship with clients and the project manager’s tools & dashboards.
  • In 3rd year of the video game option, classes are broached on game concept and creativity. You will deal with your game design and level design notions in depth in order to progress in your video game developments as well as the management of assets, (graphics, various contents, texts…) and the graphic creation. Video game as an internationalised sector, the localisation management is also broached in text and voice. Important tools will be given to you in order to complete successfully the fulfilment of the video game prototype as part of the project: objectives description, marketing & market study, Agile methodology, data management, pre-production documents and setting up tools, middleware, versioning and commitment tools… Finally, you will be led to finalise a project with essential notions of quality insurance, guidelines and uploading, and digital law.
  • In 4th year, the basics of development and video game creation are considered as acquired; the teaching is headed towards the concrete fulfilment of a video game project. Beyond monitoring and technical panorama of a sector constantly growing, we will teach you the strategy and the methodology of creativity, the product strategy and the marketing canvas for the marketing launch of a video game, the different digital strategies to take on, how to set up a campaign for online players acquisition, the economic models possible for your video game, the distribution and mobile platforms, the international market, how to develop a communication plan… Emerging markets, you will also be raised awareness of advergame, serious game and emerging types of video game. For those of you who wish to turn towards production professions, you will be trained for the production management and the team and project management.
  • The 5th and the last year of studies will directly enter into the economic world of video game at the international scale. Strategy, objectives and management, production and risks management are on the programme of the video game line, as well as the technical direction and research and development, to stay more efficiently to the best practices of video game application. Flagship elements into the production process, you will learn how to manage the budget, production costs and human resources. Copyright and contracts, circumstances & video game financing, relationship and negotiation with an editor, creation of a company and bases of a business plan, you will be able in the end to go into the production of your own video game company!



Carole FAURE
Head of line of work Video Game

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