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Just dance making of ubisoft
5 French Video Game Companies to Follow

Being one of the best countries for 3D animation, France is also well-known for its video game companies. From Ubisoft to Quantic Dream, studying video games in France may grant access to many prestigious companies. France may not have invented Mario, but we have Rayman! Where to work as a…

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adobe creative week
Adobe Creative Week: How to Create an Escape Room App in a Week

In partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud, digital school IIM third year students of all majors teamed up to build prototypes for an escape room app. From September 24th to September 28th, the teams of ten students joined forces, coached by professionals from the digital world. At the end of the week, a…

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Ping Awards E Peter 380x222 - Impulsion Nominated for a Game Award in Los Angeles
Impulsion Nominated for a Game Award in Los Angeles

The dream goes on for Impulsion. After being awarded with the Best Student Game Ping Award, Rémi, Hugo and Maxime, its designers, are now off to the Game Awards in Los Angeles. Nothing can stop them! The game Impulsion, designed by IIM students, a web and multimedia school located in…

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