Animated film and visual effects

Produce some amazing images


Companies of the computer-generated imagery and digital special effects sector produce images which are more and more astonishing thanks to technical innovations. Several specialised companies, in France and abroad, create products as diverse as animated or special effects full-length films, adverts, animated series, documentaries including special effects or video games…

Main professions practiced

Multimedia project Manager: Project Manager, Production Manager, 3D computer graphics Designer (animation, modelling, lighting and texturing), Digital graphic Editor… Animation Producer: Lead Artist (animation, modelling, lighting and texturing), Special effects Supervisor, Artistic Director, Production Director, Film maker…

Some professional lecturers in activity

  • Pierre Biecher, SFX Supervisor and former Executive Producer at Pïnka
  • Yves Cresson, Creator of Bayoo, Media Consulting, Expert in TV production, Internet or mobile and Expert of radio and TV channels development through the world
  • Christian Rajaud, Visual Effect Supervisor / Producer
  • Serge Rozenzweig, Author or co-author of animated series since 1979, screenwriter of film and animated series, Production and Artistic Direction
  • Christophe Live, Lead Animator at Cyanide Studio



The teaching of the line Animated film is based on the fulfilment of 3D animation and special effects projects. It is about bringing an artistic and managerial double skill for students. Each year students carry out 3D animation or special effects projects ordered by the school or entrusted by companies (short film, teaser, advertising, various modelling…) which broaden their demo recordings.

Classes of the Bachelor Multimedia project Manager are devised to provide students with necessary skills in order to build each step of a 3D or special effects project.

Those in Master Animation producer bring them necessary skills to carry out 3D or special effects projects, examine the budget, the financing and invent a communication plan.

Main contents taught in animated film and special effects:

Multimedia project Manager Course:

  • Writing scenario and storyboard
  • 3D modelling of characters and settings
  • Preparation of characters for the 3D animation
  • 3D animation of characters and camera
  • 3D rendering (lighting and texturing)
  • 2D and 3D special effects
  • Compositing
  • Editing (image and sound)
  • Animated film and special effects realisation
  • Project management
  • Budget

Animation Producer Course:

  • Financing
  • Management and team management
  • Production management
  • Communication strategy
  • Law and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Audio-visual business model
  • Realisation
  • Fulfilment of production records


Head of the line of work Animated film and special effects

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