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Become an actor of Internet and e-business


In less than 20 years, Internet has revolutionised the world economy and our way of consuming! This sector, creator of employments and in development, offers real career perspectives in company and agency for technical, strategic, business or marketing profile. Graduates of the line Web & e-business have at their disposal a promising future as an actor of new technologies whatever the economic sector of the company in which they evolve.

Positions with fascinating responsibilities

At the end of the course, students join at the same time some Internet pure players such as Ebay, Google, Amazon… but also some structures in human scale which require a bigger skilfulness. Willing some independence and loving challenges, some of them create their company from their certification or even before!

Coming out of IIM, several positions are occupied by our students; Project Director, Marketing Director, SEM Manager, Business Developer, Digital strategy Consultant, Traffic Manager, Ergonomist, Lead Manager… many fascinating positions where initiatives, independence, rigour and passion are necessary.


Some professional lecturers in activity

  • Jayson Bruhammer, Social Engineering and SI Consultant
  • Virginie Faivet, Founder of the agency Rolling Box et writer “Stratégie e-marketing 100% visual”
  • Samia Ghozlane, Marketing Consultant – Vice President of the network “Cyberelles”
  • Ilham Guggenheim, Marketing Consultant – Founder and Consultancy Director of the agency “Les 12 coups de minuit”
  • Jean Damien Hobe, Founder and  Director of “Todobravo.com”
  • Alain Lancelot, Coach in Media Training – Presenter on TF1
  • Lionel Tardy, Digital Experience Consultant
  • Various other profiles of developers, ergonomists, treasury officers, business Angels…


During your training, you will take on the whole issues that professionals are exposed from the beginning of their career.  Companies of the sector recruit qualified collaborators, with technical and managerial skills, who are able to manage a project in its totality.

The training dispensed into the line Web and e-business is based upon project teaching and real company issues. You will learn to produce, manage the technique but especially the application with teams that you will manage.


Main contents taught in web & e-business

From preparatory year to 3rd year:

  • Development front-off: HTML / CSS – Javascript
  • Development back-off: PhpMySQL Action Script – Ruby on Rails – Symfony2
  • Development Mobile: iOS (objective-C for iphone – ipad…) and Android (Java)
  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop
  • Technique of Hacking and server security
  • User Experience, ergonomics
  • Web-design: Photoshop, Lightroom
  • Digital project management: classic method, agile (scrum), pert, gantt…
  • Management: management of a production team

From 4th year to 5th year:

  • E-marketing (Digital Strategy – Viral Marketing – Community Management, Traffic development, loyalty ladder, CRM, cross canal strategy …)
  • E-business: service development, entrepreneurship
  • Human resources
  • Finance: Business plan, fundraising
  • Law and taxation: taxation of entrepreneur, trademark law


Head of the line of work Web et e-business

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