Preparatory Class: One Year to Learn Technical and Creative Skills

Digital and web school IIM offers an in-house preparatory class aimed at developing a career objective.

IIM students who enroll in the web and digital school in the first year follow an in-house preparatory class. Year 1 is an introduction to all fields of digital and an occasion to learn fundamentals and creativity skills while finding out what specialty to choose from the second year on. Focus on this year of discoveries and choices.

Taking a year to develop a career objective and acquire technical and creative skills is the preparatory class goal.

Getting familiar with the world of digital

Secondary school students may want to turn their passion for digital into a career, all the more in these times of digital transformation. However, it may be premature for young people to come up with a precise course choice, let alone a career objective. The IIM preparatory class helps students to make a smooth transition between secondary studies and higher education.

During this year, they are taught the fundamentals of digital techniques, creation and essential soft skills. They get acquainted with the main sectors of Internet and multimedia from which to choose from for the rest of their studies and for their professional lives.

The preparatory class starts with a course unit introducing the main programmes used in many digital branches: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, 3DSMax, Unity. Students also learn to use programmation languages such as HTML5 and CSS3. Classes are taught both by professors and professional lecturers, ensuring a balance between academic knowledge and immersion in a professional environment.

Courses are then centered on discovering the five majors: Web and E-Business, Visual Communication, Digital Communication, Animated Films and Visual Effects and Video Games.

Choosing a digital career objective

Whether students already have a career objective or whether they are still unsure, the course units guarantee they will be introduced to all five majors. For each of them, they will be confronted to the necessary skills to learn and the professional outcomes.

First year students attend professional workshops and conferences hosted by professional in each digital sector. After the preparatory class, students can choose their major with full knowledge of the facts.

The second and third years are dedicated to the teaching of technical, artistic and behavioural skills, while years 4 and 5 train fully operational professionals. The course’s two last years at IIM offer a choice of eleven Master’s degrees.

Digital know-hows, completed by soft skills

More than teaching the technical and creative basics, the preparatory class also provides students with an artistic culture and language skills. Languages and sports are also part of the curriculum. IIM’s campus offers state-of-the art sport facilities.

Along traditional sporting disciplines such as badminton, karate, rugby, fitness and volley ball to name but a few, e-sport is one of the 22 options students can choose from.

IIM and fellow engineering school ESILV and management school EMLV work hand-in-hand to offer students the possibility to work with one another. Several times a year, they are gathered in multidisciplinary teams and must create and pitch a project within a week. Future digital specialists benefit from the experience and different academic backgrounds of the future engineers and managers.