Learning by Doing: an Educational Approach Focused on Projects

bap 3 - Learning by Doing: an Educational Approach Focused on Projects

IIM students are not only taught theory but must put their knowledge into practice when working in teams on real projects and case studies, most of the time for companies.

All along the 5 year course at IIM, the educational approach has a strong focus on projects. “Practice makes perfect” could be one of IIM’s mottos. From year 1 to 5, students are faced with challenges: creating a video game, an app, a corporate identity or any other project for a company or a startup.

Two project sessions and showrooms

Companies and startups resort to students for real projects in the fields of web, video game, interactive design, digital communications, 3D and animated films. Teams, usually four to six students, worked on the latter from October to January and February to June. Students work on campus, supported by professors during dedicated workshops and in touch with the ordering company.

A few examples of projects led by students: a cultural visit application, an e-commerce platform for beer, an application to help control the hydration level, a serious game, a corporate identity for a car brand…

Students approve this project-mode because it makes their theoritical knowledge concrete and because they work in professional conditions, while still at school. Of course, all the projects led during these sessions increase the value of their portfolios. It is also a way for them to enhance their soft skills, central in the Pôle Léonard de Vinci schools, like communication, organization, autonomy and adaptability.

Find out what an IIM showroom day looks like

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A win-win situation both for students and companies

The learning by doing approach implies a real-time adaptability of the course to the sectors’ needs. The projects and case studies students work on are in sync with the needs expressed by companies. The curriculum is built accordingly to the evolutions of the industry, whether in 3D, communications, web design, etc.

Students benefit from the projects: they gain experience and know-hows. However, companies also take advantage of this type of collaboration: they are delivered quality project and they get a fresh look on their activity thanks to students.