6 Must-Follow Instagrams for Graphic Design Inspiration

6 Must-follow Instagram accounts for graphic design inspiration

When it comes to get inspiration or staying up-to-date with the latest graphic design trends, Instagram is the number one social network. However, browsing through hashtags or finding the right accounts to follow may be tedious work. Here is a list of Instagram accounts that curate graphic design content for their followers.

These accounts provide graphic designers with their daily inspiration. Get ready to discover creative work.


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Petrol Station Series by @hedgerart

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Creatives of all types know about this platform for self-promotion and browsing of online portfolio sites. It is a great place to network and find followers and customers. Behance‘s Instagram account promotes the sites and services’ features but also curates work from its users. Branding, typography, illustration, graphic design, creative direction… Inspiration comes from all creative branches.

Creative Boom Mag

The English online magazine “celebrates, inspires and supports the creative community”. Both the magazine and the Instagram account focus on art, crafts, design, illustration and photography. Whether they are freelancers, students or just graphic design aficionados, its followers are guaranteed to find inspiration. Posts also include occasional inspiring quotes to live and create by.

Graphic Design Central

With 442 k followers, the Graphic Design Central Instagram account cannot be missed. Graphic designers submit their work and get a chance to be picked as “Graphic Design Central pick of the day”. Being featured ensures exposure to a wide audience. Followers can also just browse through the curated graphic design content: colorful and unique images or videos.

The Design Tip

Founded in 2013, The Design Tip now has a community of 700 000 design enthusiasts. All of them come for daily design inspiration. The Design Tip Instagram features work from international designers, illustrators and typographers from all over the world. Who will be next?

Simply Cool Design

This curating account provides its followers with daily art, design and creativity. Graphic designers will undoubtedly get inspired by the high-quality work featured. They will also enjoy the humoristic posts about the life and work of the graphic design community.

Graphic Design Blog

This popular Instagram account is a stage for designers. Painting, illustration, typography, graphic design…all creatives will get something out of the content curated each day. All posts have a je-ne-sais quoi which makes them stand out as innovative work.

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