Teaching and Learning

La réussite d'un projet pédagogique original

iim002 - Teaching and Learning

The teaching method of IIM proved its worth. Created in 1995, the Institute of Internet & Multimedia has constantly grown, until reaching more than 800 students today, which made it as one of the leaders of the training sector for new internet and multimedia professions.

A unique teaching method

The teaching method of IIM is founded on a double expertise in the international communication and multimedia sector.

The Institute of Internet & Multimedia is placed on higher education in the new technology sector: internet, mobile industry, video games, 3D animation and special effects, interactive television, DVD, etc.

Studies are based on a double expertise which associate three years of technical education (Bachelor) with two years of management (Master). This unique teaching method, a crossroad between a technical/artistic school and a school of management, is the key of the professional success of students in position where the interdisciplinarity is essential to manage technical teams while participating to the company strategy.


A teaching totally fixed on projects fulfillment with companies.

All five-year courses are founded on a project activity defined with professional partners of the sector. The classes support this activity.

Thus, each year a thousand of multimedia and study projects are created. All these projects correspond with real needs from partner companies: websites, mobile apps, DVD, 3D animations, etc.

This approach “by project” leads to a reactive teaching which suit in real time the needs of the sector.


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