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Websites, posters, newspapers, mobile applications, spots, serious games… the visual communication is an unavoidable element in our daily life. It marks out and leads uses, fuels mass media, informs, entertains, cultivates, leads to purchase or play… in a transformation era of traditional media and emergence of new media. The multiplications of visual codes, and their life cycle becoming shorter and shorter, expose them to a quick obsolescence and an erosion of messages which always imposes, as much in service providers as in clients, more creative quality and strategic arbitration.

Main professions practiced

Project Manager, Community Manager, Digital Marketing Director, Projects Director, Artistic Director, Strategic Planner, Advertising Manager, Key account Director, Creative Director, Communication Director, Head of Events Management, Consultant, Creative Freelancer…


The learning of a double skill, on one hand designing some visual solutions and media strategies, on the other hand managing teams, requires a high relational level from the student which enables him/her to elaborate with his/her future co-workers some innovative solutions for his/her future clients.

Some professional lecturers in activity

  • Benoît Bayart, Creative Freelancer, Disney London Créative design (Softlines), Naked Companie
  • Marc Chaudemanche, Key Account Director, Mazarine Digital agency
  • Sophie Duval, Executive Manager in charge of Internal & External Relations at Societé Générale
  • Benoit Higel, Creative Director of By Benoît agency
  • Nicolas Queffellec, Artistic Director, Le
  • Brice Mazenod, Community and Social Media Manager Adidas (External Isobar)
  • Yassine Slami, Conception and project management/Multimedia Coordinator – Univers Sciences La Villette

Books of the graduating class 2016

Main contents and fields

  • Project management
  • Image (conception / realisation / deployment)
  • Typography (conception / realisation / deployment)
  • Media (panorama / current affairs / innovation)
  • Relationship with company and service providers
  • Publishing (artistic direction / editorial design)
  • Web (artistic direction / webdesign)
  • Mobility (service design)
  • 2D animation / Flash (artistic direction / animator)
  • Motion graphic design – Video ( artistic direction / realisation / TV Channel Visual Identity)
  • Advertising (artistic direction / copywriting)
  • Events (artistic direction / digital installations / transmedia)
  • Creative direction (management of creative product of the agency)
  • Requests for proposals and competitions
  • Brand and its strategies
  • Marketing and digital marketing
  • Community management
  • Business plan / creation activity


Philippe PRAQUIN
Head of the line of work Visual communication

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