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LARPS IIM 380x222 - Live Action Role-Playing Game by Students' Association Just For Geeks: A Fun Way To Learn New Skills
Live Action Role-Playing Game by Students’ Association Just For Geeks: A Fun Way To Learn New Skills

Just For Geeks, Pôle Léonard de Vinci’s students’ association for pop-culture lovers, has recently started to get involved in Live Action Role Playing Games. Those activities require various skills in multiple areas, that may be useful for the professional hiring process. Who said that geeks spent all their time in…

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average salary 380x222 - What is the Average Salary of a Recent Graduate in Digital ? IIM Survey 2018
What is the Average Salary of a Recent Graduate in Digital ? IIM Survey 2018

According to a new IIM survey, the students graduated in 2017 from IIM got a good start into working life. Artistic direction, web development, creation & design… The specific digital specialties are as diverse as the jobs they lead to. The survey was based on the answers of 168 students…

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Cours photo IIM
Learning the Basics of Photography in a Week

Twelve IIM’s fourth-year students followed a photography workshop, held by author and photographer Eric Valdenaire. The workshop’s goal was for students to learn the basics of digital photography. How to learn photography in under a week? Theory first! Credits: Eric Valdenaire In addition to learning the basics of photography, students…

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adobe creative week
Adobe Creative Week: How to Create an Escape Room App in a Week

In partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud, digital school IIM third year students of all majors teamed up to build prototypes for an escape room app. From September 24th to September 28th, the teams of ten students joined forces, coached by professionals from the digital world. At the end of the week, a…

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orientation week iim paris 380x222 - A Welcome Week for the Class of 2023
A Welcome Week for the Class of 2023

They are joining the preparatory class of the first school dedicated to Internet and multimedia, in Paris. On Monday September 10th, the Class of ’23 arrived on campus for the launch of the welcome week. A few days to get familiar with the school, before starting a 5-year programme in…

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mastering digital skills in a digital environment
Mastering Digital Skills in a French Tech Environment

Some say we are currently experimenting a new industrial revolution, brought by the digital transformation. Companies must reinvent their processes. In order to implement these necessary changes, they are looking to hire professionals who are familiar with digital work environments. Created in 1995, IIM is a pioneer school of digital….

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L IIM rejoint le reseau des ecoles francaises de cinema d animation
IIM Joins the RECA,the Network of French Animation Schools

IIM is a new member of the RECA, the Network of French Animation Schools. It gathers schools renowned among animation professionals, in France and abroad. The RECA was created and supported by the CNC, the French national center for cinema and animation and various trade unions of the industry. «Our…

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iim a pioneer school in e sport in france
IIM, a Pioneer French School in e-Sport

IIM, school of web and multimedia, is the first French school to have added e-sport to its curriculum in September 2016. Sport is mandatory for all students from year 1 to 3, who can choose to practice traditional sports like tennis, karate or soccer to name but a few. Now…

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viva technology 380x222 - IIM academic partner of Viva Technology 2018, Parisian event for global innovation.
IIM academic partner of Viva Technology 2018, Parisian event for global innovation.

It is the event of the month of May in the tech industry : Viva Technology, the French innovation and startups fair attracts each and every year the whole tech and innovation ecosysteme in France for 3 days. The fair gathered 45.000 participants and 5.000 startups in 2016 and more…

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Digital and web school IIM offers an in-house preparatory class aimed at developing a career objective.
Preparatory Class: One Year to Learn Technical and Creative Skills

IIM students who enroll in the web and digital school in the first year follow an in-house preparatory class. Year 1 is an introduction to all fields of digital and an occasion to learn fundamentals and creativity skills while finding out what specialty to choose from the second year on….

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5 reasons to recruit an iim student
5 Reasons to Recruit an Intern from IIM, Digital School in Paris

There are many reasons why companies hire interns: getting support on a specific mission, bringing new ideas and methods within the organisation or adding diversity to a team. For language skills and market knowledge, recruiting a foreign trainee is even more profitable. Working in the digital world and looking for…

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bap 3 380x222 - Learning by Doing: an Educational Approach Focused on Projects
Learning by Doing: an Educational Approach Focused on Projects

IIM students are not only taught theory but must put their knowledge into practice when working in teams on real projects and case studies, most of the time for companies. All along the 5 year course at IIM, the educational approach has a strong focus on projects. “Practice makes perfect”…

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