Lines of work

Web & e-business

You too, become an actor of Internet and e-business! In less than 20 years, Internet has revolutionised the world economy and our way of consuming! This sector, creator of employments and in development, offers real career perspectives in company and agency for technical, strategic, business or marketing profile. Graduates of the line Web & e-business have at their disposal a promising future as an actor of new technologies whatever the economic sector of the company in which they evolve.

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Visual communication

Websites, posters, newspapers, mobile applications, spots, serious games… the visual communication is an unavoidable element in our daily life. It marks out and leads uses, fuels mass media, informs, entertains, cultivates, leads to purchase or play… in a transformation era of traditional media and emergence of new media. The multiplications of visual codes, and their life cycle becoming shorter and shorter, expose them to a quick obsolescence and an erosion of messages which always imposes more creative quality and strategic arbitration.

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Animated film and visual effects VFX

Produce some amazing images! Companies of the computer-generated imagery and digital special effects sector produce images more and more astonishing thanks to technical innovations. Several specialised companies, in France and abroad, create products as diverse as animated or special effects full-length films, adverts, animated series, documentaries including special effects or video games…

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Digital communication

By including practices of exchanges and interactivity, professionals are getting used; creating thus new working methods necessary for the mastery of abundance of contents on interactive platforms. Galvanised by the digital wave, booming professions in communication are looking for new professionals. Specialists of professions in digital communication are real experts and meet the practices of social business, web-marketing, e-commerce, copywriting and are attached to the interdisciplinary application.

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Video games

Welcome to the playful universe! The video game sector is a booming field with a growth and a turnover higher than in cinema. With the apparition of new media and platforms (social media, tablets, and smartphones), of new means of broadcasting (PS network, XboxLive, TV interactive, Cloud gaming…) and the development of new economic models (free-to-play, micropayments…), the world of video game constantly evolves.

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Interaction design

For several years, our relationship with the digital has deeply transformed. Originally, frozen on a work computer, the applications become mobile and escape to emerge in real. They not only incarnate themselves through interfaces and screens, they invade our daily life (tablets and smartphones, digital earpieces and glasses, Pods, connected objects, robots, electronic information points…). The interaction design is the creation activity dedicated to the design of these new products and hybrid services where the user has the main place.

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